Contour Measuring Machine Contracer CV-2100

Quick & Easy: the brand-new Contracer CV-2100 with unique quick adjustment and mobile usability


Fast and precise contour measuring is what the new and unique Contracer CV-2100 stands for, once more proving Mitutoyo’s vast innovational power. The device boasts striking versatility as well as easy operability and is usable stationarily or on-site at the workpiece. No other appliance on the market offers a comparable practical usability.

At the customers’ disposal are the M4 version, including a granite stand, and the N4 variant for use either on any granite stand or third-party jig. Mounted on a jig, the device can be manually taken to very large workpieces that do not fit into stationary measuring stands. The CONTRACER CV-2100N4 is the only model of this kind and offers totally new dimensions of contour measuring. A column stand is available for the N4 as an option.

The stationary CONTRACER CV-2100M4 boasts a unique new quick adjustment along the Z axis. A simple push on a button allows for quick, easy and effortless manual measuring.

The devices’ speed can be adjusted between 0.02 and 20 mm automatically via the part programming or manually. The measuring range adds up to 50 mm on the Z1 axis und 100 mm on the X axis at a high accuracy of X=(±2,5+0,02L) µm and Z1=(±2,5+I0,1HI) µm.

The user controls the device’s most important functions via the buttons on the front control panel, e.g. stylus up/down and start of measuring. The M4 version is mounted to a 350 mm column and is easily and precisely adjustable by ±45° on the Z2 axis via a twist grip.

The Mitutoyo software Formtracepak supplied as a standard contributes a good deal to making the CV-2100 a highly efficient and versatile instrument. The program provides an automatic evaluation of the measurements, contour analysis and CAD comparison. Plus, it eliminates the effect of varying workpiece position when running fully automatic part programs.