Gold Medal Award for MiSCAN Vision System

Only a short time after the introduction the new Mitutoyo multi-sensor vision measuring machine “MiSCAN Vision System” has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at the Poznań International Fair 2018. The jury was impressed by the innovative approach, application of the latest technologies and the high quality of this new product.

The MiSCAN Vision System is a measurement system that combines highly accurate non-contact vision measurements with tactile measuring, applying either the SP25M touch probe or Mitutoyo’s newly developed MPP-NANO scanning probe. The SP25M provides accurate scanning measurements with high throughput while the MPP-Nano is specifically designed for high accuracy scanning measurements of minute parts. The system is supported by the MCOSMOS and VISIONPAK-PRO software which offer highest functionality for both tactile and non-contact measurements. The MiSCAN Vision System is based on either the QV-APEX or QV-HYPER platform. The QV-APEX based model can be equipped with the SP25M while the QV-HYPER based model can be equipped with either SP25M or MPP-NANO probe. Unique features of the MPP-NANO probe are the 5 exchangeable styli modules with a ball tip diameter ranging from 125 µm to 500 µm. They feature the following parameters: