Micrometer Recall

Problem in Dimensional Stability of 225mm Standard Bar for Micrometers

Recently, we have found that there is the possibility of dimensional error in the micrometer standard bar supplied with some micrometers or sold separately. As a result of this potential error, we will recall and replace the affected micrometer standard bars free of charge.

This recall affects only certain products produced within a defined time period. The information below defines the affected units. Some of them are packaged with new micrometers while others were sold individually.

As always, Mitutoyo strives to maintain the highest quality standards. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in the matter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, our valued customer.

Object Product
・Product name      Micrometer standard bar (225mm)
・Model No.            MB-225
・Order No.            167-109
・Serial No.             Refer to the following table.
Serial No.  6047077 to 6047256
      6047370 to 6047371
6048270 to 6048332
6048349 to 6048465
6049007 to 6049148
6049150 to 6049187
*Object products are those delivered in and afterDecember, 2016.

Products equipped with the micrometer standard bar (225mm)

Product   Order No. Model No. 
Micrometer                103-146  OM-250
 103-146-10  OM-250
 103-914-40  OMST1-300B
 103-914-50  OMST1-300C
 103-915  OMST2-300
 103-915-10  OMST2-300
 104-136  OMC-300
 104-136A  OMC-300
 104-141  OMC-300
 104-141A  OMC-300
 111-124  SPM-250
 122-110  BLM-250
 123-110  GMA-250
 124-182  GMB-250
 143-110  OMP-250
 Digimatic Micrometer   293-255-30  MDC-250MX
 340-252-30  OMC-300MX
 Micrometer standard bar set  167-903  MBST-275

Fault description

The affected standard bars feature inadequate dimensional stability and might change their dimension to the negative due to faulty heat treatment. 
If the micrometer zero point is adjusted using a dimensionally-changed micrometer standard bar, the result of zero-point adjustment will be affected adversely.


We will replace the affected micrometer standard bar (225mm) free of charge. Please contact your Mitutoyo sales office.


Please do not hesitate to contact your Mitutoyo sales office if you have any questions.