MiCAT Planner honoured with certificate

The corks are popping in Oberndorf am Neckar: Mitutoyo CTL received a certificate for its ground-breaking measuring instrument software "MiCAT Planner" at the international exhibition for metal working AMB in Stuttgart (13th-17th September 2016). The programme from the Oberndorf-based IT specialists is one of the three candidates on the shortlist for the most innovative products in its category for the MM Award 2016 from the industry magazine MM machinery market. Klaus Stein, Manager at Mitutoyo CTL, received a certificate at an award ceremony. The magazine's jury evaluated all submissions in eight categories in terms of their degree of technological innovation and the benefits for users, the environment and society. With the inclusion of the MiCAT Planner as one of the three best innovations in its class, Mitutoyo CTL has once again proven its innovative strength.


The subsidiary of Mitutoyo Europe GmbH has caused a stir in the length measurement technology sector with the MiCAT Planner. In the case of known PMI data, the new software reduces the programming outlay by up to 90 percent compared with conventional methods when preparing part programmes for coordinate measuring machines. On a large scale, the programme saves time and money by automatically creating measuring programmes and thus contributes enormously to increasing efficiency in quality assurance.

Creating measurement programmes is one of the most time-consuming activities for an employee in quality assurance. However, with the MiCAT Planner measuring programmes can now be automatically created from measurement plans in a few minutes based on the CAD data of workpieces, instead of hours or even days as previously.