Symbol for growth and strength: 50 years anniversary tree planted



The tree symbolises life in many cultures, and also strength, growth and durability. 50 years ago Mitutoyo entered the European market and has grown from the humble beginnings as an obscure Japanese brand to being one of the market leaders in metrology – like from a small acorn to a strong oak. In the context of this half-century anniversary, on Sep 19, 2018 a tree was planted on the headquarter’s premises in Neuss-Norf following an old company tradition. 

„Europe is the toughest market in the world, but thanks to your great efforts, Mitutoyo Germany (M-D) and Mitutoyo Europe (M-EU) have been growing strongly“, Mitutoyo Corporation president Yoshiaki Numata valued the staff’s merit. “Without you Mitutoyo wouldn’t have made the way to its today’s strong position, neither in Europe nor world-wide.”, Shigeyuki Sasaki, Mitutoyo Europe president added.

Also a tradition, the presidents, along with chairman Toru Nakagawa and former Mitutoyo Europe president Harumi Aoki, raised their glasses together with the assembled M-EU and M-D staff to the new anniversary tree and to the 50 years to come. To make sure it grows and blooms, the tree – a Japanese flowering cherry – also received a full glass of Sake rice wine.