The latest evolutionary step in statistical process control: the new Mitutoyo MeasurLink 9 software

Mitutoyo’s quality data management software MeasurLink has long been the pinnacle of Statistical Process Control (SPC). Now the ground-breaking IoT suite enters the market in a new generation with, among others, the new “MT Connect” feature and Real-Time Dynamic Data. Those interested now have the chance to try MeasurLink 9 in a full version free for 60 days downloadable here

Since its first release, the tried and tested Mitutoyo MeasurLink software family has been popular in all branches as the ideal instrument for effective statistical process control. The suite is especially renowned for its capability in real-time data collecting from Digimatic measuring instruments as well as its data analysis and network monitoring components. It delivers a safe and organized data warehousing system, making quality data available for viewing and analysis by any member of production, engineering and managerial staff throughout the company.

The brand-new MeasurLink Version 9 constitutes a consistent improvement over its predecessor, including revolutionary new IoT functions such as “MT Connect” that enables direct access and numerical data streaming from DAQ sources anywhere in the world via a web URL, without the need to connect to a remote database. “Real-Time Dynamic Data” is the name of a new feature that takes care of charting and collecting dynamic measuring data at high sampling rates and of discrete recording. Streaming (current) data is displayed by a dynamic meter and a dynamic indicator bar. This new component also offers a recording of the Max/Min values during dynamic capturing as well as a timed sampling function. The powerful Process Analyzer supervisory tool now comprises the new “What-If” function that can analyze hypothetical scenarios like tolerance changes, data tests and derived characteristics, hence boosting process stability.

MeasurLink 9 also boasts a number of comfortable new functions that save time and effort. “Windows Active Directory Support” adds pre-definable MS Windows users (or user groups) to get assigned MeasurLink rights; thus rendering a separate MeasurLink login unnecessary. Databases can now be backed up and restored from the MeasurLink console, making the use of MS Management Studio for this task a thing of the past. Like its predecessor, MeasurLink 9 is available in several modules. The customer can create a personalised bundle of software components and licence packages that suit their requirements.

Those who would like to assure themselves of the great performance and the vast user-friendliness of MeasurLink 9 have the chance to test a full version of the powerful SPC suite for 60 days upon brief registration. Well-comprehensible tutorials introduce to the easy setup and use of the software suite. The software offers a choice of 17 languages, with the online help function coming in English, French and German. Download:

The software comes with the appropriate Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition and supports the Microsoft SQL Server versions 2014, 2012 and 2008. MeasurLink 9 is compatible with most Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions in the 32-bit and 64-bit releases.