World-class accuracy non-contact measuring: the new LSM-6902H laser scan micrometer

Wherever non-contact measurement of rolling contact bearings, pin gages or plug gages at a high accuracy is required, the Mitutoyo laser scan micrometers are at the very fore. Now Mitutoyo introduces a new model by name of LSM-6902H that boasts one of the worldwide best measurement accuracies in its measurement range.


Hardly any manufacturer offers as wide and versatile a range of laser scan micrometers as Mitutoyo. They feature a very high scanning rate which allows inspection of small workpieces even if they are fragile, at a high temperature, in motion or vibrating. Now the Japanese premium measuring instruments manufacturer launches an all new ultra-high-accuracy type for pin and plug gage measurements. The newly developed
LSM-6902H replaces the current LSM-902/6900 model and offers a measuring range of 0.1-25 mm. The use of this world-class laser scan micrometer along with the optional adjustable workstage allows high-accuracy measurement inspection of the outside diameter of pin gages or plug gages.

In its measuring range, the LSM-6902H provides a world-leading accuracy with a linearity of ±0.5 µm over the entire measurement range and ±(0.3+0.1∆D) µm in the narrow range. Repeatability is as high as 0.045 µm over the whole range (25 mm diameter) and an impressing 0.03 µm in the middle range (10 mm diameter). The new device’s scanning rate was raised to 1,600/sec, which means double speed compared to the predecessor. The specified high accuracy over the entire measurement range is certified by the “Traceability System to the International Standard” which Mitutoyo, as a leading manufacturer of precision measurement tools and instruments, has established within its business practises.

As many other Mitutoyo laser scan micrometers, the new LSM-6902H is delivered with an easy to use and read display unit as a standard. It is also capable of data output to an external device such as a personal computer from the display unit. The powerful free Mitutoyo Quick Tool software can save the measurement data in a CSV format, rendering processing with Microsoft Excel possible.