Mitutoyo. Smart Solutions for Smart Factories.

Precision, reliability, and high performance of our centralized solutions deliver the visibility you need for ideal quality control. With hardware, software, integration, and service all available from a single provider, we put a data-driven facility within your reach — no matter the size of your business.

Shop Floor Integration
With a complete range of in-line and near-line CMMs, Mitutoyo delivers exceptional durability, speed, and accuracy for factory-floor applications of nearly any size or shape. The new Smart Measuring System developed by Mitutoyo allows smart factory functionality for everyone, enabling real-time monitoring of machine performance data as well as measurement data.

Smart Measuring System
The Mitutoyo developed smart factory features boost your quality assurance output with the following.

-> Status Monitor: remote monitoring of the operational status 
-> Condition Monitor: monitors current operational condition (Option)
-> MeasurLink Software: Reduces the production of defective parts (Option)

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Mitutoyo. Smart Solutions for Smart Factories.

Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 Features:

  • A guaranteed temperature accuracy range of 10 to 40ºC by combining technologies such as symmetric structure, uniform material, and temperature compensation

  • A single support moving bridge and a storage cabinet for machine controllers under the measuring table saving installation space, reduces the footprint to about 70% when compared with that of the conventional moving bridge model

  • Attains a contamination resistance over two times greater than Mitutoyo's conventional machine by adopting a newly developed absolute scale* that is highly resistant to the challenging production-line environment.

* Scale that provides an absolute value for each measurement point. This eliminates the need for a machine initialization operation
  • Three-sided open architecture making moving workpieces on and off the measuring table significantly easier and more user-friendly, reducing the operator’s workload


MiSTAR 555 Specifications:


Measuring range

X 570 mm
Y 500 mm
Z 500mm
Max. Permissible Length Measurement Error (ISO 10360-2: 2009)*2 18~22°C (2.2 + 3.0L/1000) μm
10~30°C (2.9 + 4.5L/1000) μm
10~40°C (3.8 + 8.0L/1000) μm
Drive speed (3D) 606mm/s in CNC MODE
Drive acceleration (3D) 2695 mm/s2
Measuring table capacity Maximum workpiece height 660 mm
Maximum loading 120 kg
Mass (includes machine controller) 655kg

Download details on MiSTAR 555 CMM

Dive into all the features, specifications, and capabilities the MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM has to offer, and see why shop floor precision measurement will never be the same again.

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