Services & Support

A complete solution: Whatever challenges the application presents, Mitutoyo supports you from start to finish.

Mitutoyo is not only a vendor of top quality measuring products but one that also offers guaranteed support for the lifetime of the equipment, backed up by comprehensive services that ensure your staff can make the very best use of the investment. Apart from the basics of calibration and repair, Mitutoyo offers product and metrology training, as well as IT support for the sophisticated software used in modern measuring technology. We can also design, build, test and deliver bespoke measuring solutions and even, if deemed cost-effective, take your critical measurement challenges in-house on a sub-contract basis. Please contact your country's Mitutoyo sales organization for more information.

  • Mitutoyo Technology Solutions Group.

    Complete Solutions - Completely Customized

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  • Manufacturing Automation & Integration

    Dedicated to optimizing your current production process, these tailor-made measuring systems enhance not only the efficiency of your manufacturing but the quality of the items produced.

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  • Smart Factory Solutions

    Connecting with Mitutoyo IoT in measurement transforms your business.

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  • MiCAT Planner Pay-per-Use

    The software reduces programming efforts in working out part programs for coordinate measuring machines by up to 90 percent. The software’s automatic measuring program generator saves vast amounts of time and cost.

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  • The Mitutoyo TAGLENS

    Eliminate the biggest limitation of conventional lenses with ultra-deep-focus. The TAGLENS operates at ultra-high-speed and doesn’t focus at just a single focal length, but at a wide range of focal lengths. This means that everything, even subjects at different distances, remain in crystal clear focus.

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  • Mitutoyo Japan Desk

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