MiCAT Planner Pay-per-Use


Would you like to use the revolutionary Mitutoyo MiCAT Planner and reduce the time for measuring program generation by up to 95 per cent? But do not intend to buy the software? So simply pay for MiCAT Planner only when using it: Pay-per-Use. 

The creation of measuring programs is one of the most time-consuming tasks of quality management staff. However, by use of the brand-new MITUTOYO MiCAT Planner, measuring programs can be generated automatically on the basis of the workpiece’s CAD data within minutes – as opposed to hours or even days before. The software reduces programming efforts in working out part programs for coordinate measuring machines by up to 90 percent. The software’s automatic measuring program generator saves vast amounts of time and cost.

Getting started with MiCAT Planner Pay-Per-Use is easy:  Order the starter kit and receive the software, a dongle including ten „units“, a translator for CAD data into STEP format and an in-depth MiCAT Planner software training. Each unit allows loading one set of CAD data for the generation of measuring programs.

Your advantage: Pay only when using MiCAT Planner. Redeem only one unit per set of CAD data. This allows the generation of various variants of measuring program or the correcting of errors later on – at no extra cost!

The units are saved on the dongle, valid for up to one year. Additional units are available from the Mitutoyo webshop quickly and easily.** 

When working with Pay-per-use you apply the latest and most powerful version 1.7 of the measuring program generator MiCAT Planner. Should you decide you don‘t want to employ MiCAT Planner anymore, simply return the software and the dongle.

As an option, add CAD translators for CATIA V5, Siemens NX, CREO (Pro/E) and Solidworks if required. All four support PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) data.




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**The use of MiCAT Planner Pay-per-Use requires version 4.3 of the measuring software MCOSMOS. Mitutoyo Pay-per-Use for MiCAT Planner will soon be offered in all European countries with an own Mitutoyo subsidiary, except the Russian Federation. Currently, it is only available in Germany.