250,000 calibrations and counting...

Mitutoyo UK reached a significant milestone last month - 250,000 calibrations of all types of metrology equipment, from the simplest handheld instruments up to the most accurate and sophisticated measuring machines.


The Mitutoyo UKAS-accredited environmentally controlled calibration laboratory, recognised as one of the finest facilities of its kind in Europe, provides a full range of calibration services for customers and is equipped to handle almost every dimensional calibration need that might be encountered in operating industrial metrology equipment.

Mitutoyo offers two types of calibration service: a laboratory based service for portable measuring instruments, and an on-site service for the immobile class of equipment. All our customers ar e assured of a fast tur naround on all calibration requirements involving dimensional instrumentation.

The scope of our laboratory calibration service covers hand-held tools such as rules, squar es, all types of micrometers, calipers and bore gauges, all the way up to benchtop items such as gauge blocks, setting standar ds, height-, square- and check-masters, cylindrical squares and calibration testers.

Heavy products that are uneconomic to transport, or sensitive instruments that cannot be transported after calibration, ar e dealt with at customers’ premises. Therefore equipment such as surface plates, micr oscopes and projectors, electronic and optical comparators, hardness testing machines and coordinate/vision measuring machines are calibrated by a specialist sent out fr om the nearest Mitutoyo location. Using our calibration service guarantees traceability of the accuracy of your measuring equipment to the nat ional dimensional standards maintained by the National Physical Laboratory, and therefore satisfies the requirements of any quality control system.