Mitutoyo Coronavirus Statement

Dear Business Partner,

The spread of the corona virus poses many challenges for Mitutoyo as well. We receive questions about possible negative effects on our delivery capability which are related to the current threat of the virus.

Fortunately we are currently not affected by delivery bottlenecks or delivery delays. In terms of our production we are in the advantageous position that almost all machines and devices are manufactured in Japan and our production facilities work as usual.

Our suppliers are mainly located in Japan. To ensure the availability of components, Mitutoyo has also built up a corresponding safety stock.

However, we cannot completely rule out delivery bottlenecks in the future. This could result in impairments that are beyond our sphere of influence (e.g. air and sea freight, as well as road and rail due to delays in border processing).

The safety of our customers and employees is of upmost importance to us and we carefully follow the news, information and advice from the WHO and the RKI regarding the spread of Corona virus. We have set up an internal Corona crisis team and have prepared ourselves as well as possible through targeted risk management.

We do everything to ensure that our own operations are not affected:

  • All business trips by plane and train have been prohibited by the management until further notice.
  • Mitutoyo employees will not visit exhibitions or commercial congresses.
  • Wherever possible, business trips by car must be avoided in favor of virtual meetings.
  • We have highly increased internal hygienic measures by providing disinfectants and concrete instructions on how to wash your hands correctly.
  • Shaking hands is generally avoided.

As we all know, according to the current information, the situation remains tense and difficult to predict. We hope that you, your employees and families stay healthy!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards


Shigeyuki Sasaki

President, Mitutoyo Europe GmbH