This course is a follow up to the CNC Basic course and therefore, it is recommended that a minimum of six weeks is left between completing the Basic course and attending this course to allow consolidation of previous learning.

The course is comprised of the following elements…

Day 1        

  • Review of Probe Calibration and Part Alignment
  • Use of Clearance Height
  • Archiving Co-ordinate Systems
  • Batch Loading of Part Programs
  • Use and applications of Loops
  • Introduction of String Variables
  • External storage of data           


Day 2        

  • Use of Variables (including Input and Yes / No)
  • Use of Best Fit
  • RPS Alignment
  • Use of Minimum / Maximum function
  • Introduction to Branching and the use of Sub-programs


If time permits the following may also be covered on request

  • Use of Geometric tolerances on the CMM (GD&T)
  • Use and set-up of the Security function
  • Introduction to Manager Programs
  • Introduction to Protocol Manager

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*Course length subject to variation depending on which route is taken